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Gypsy Night
Deparment of Romology
Pecs, Hungary
November, 2006

Students of the Department of Romology can meet at this event, play quiz about the “Gypsy cultural sciences”, enjoy the authentic Gypsy music, dance and dish.

First, we were listening Gypsy music and watching authentic Gypsy dances.
(Dancers who are dancing authentic Gypsy dance)

After this, we had dinner. For dinner we had bean soup with „punya” (Gypsy bread).

This night we all took part in a Quiz with questions on the theme of Romology. After “studying” about Roma, we had fun playing „Lottery”. People could win books on the theme of Romology as well.

In the middle of our event, musicians were playing authentic Gypsy music. Everybody enjoyed it, even children were dancing.

The band called “The Highlight”. The students of the Department of Romology’s were dancing to the authentic Gypsy music. Everybody enjoyed it.

Besides this, we organise “Romology Club” mostly for evening students and for regular students as well.
We have these club events usually three times a month.

First, we have dinner and listening to the authentic Gypsy music.
After dinner we organise different programs: authentic Gypsy dance, prediction, how to make a basket; what we always have – this is our „lottery”.
At these events, students can meet each other and they have an opportunity to listen and watch authentic Gypsy music and art.

How to make „Punya” (Gypsy bread)?

Take some flour, salt, baking powder or yeast, and water. Put the flour in a bowl, make a hole in it and put the salt, baking powder in it, and put the water on it. Knead it well. Make a hole in the middle, this is like a navel; or make decorations on it with a fork. Bake it in the oven. (In the past, it was baked outside the house, today in the oven in the kitchen). Before cutting it, they made a cross on it. It was broken by hand into little peaces. You can eat it by itself and use it for different dishes as well.


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