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University of Salford, UK - ‘Society and Lifestyles: Subcultures and Lifestyles in Russia and East-Central Europe’, 4-6/12/2008 (co-organisers).

Conference of SAL partners in Kaunas, Lithuania – further dissemination of fieldwork 1 by means of full scientific papers; details concerning fieldwork 2. 27-29/08/2007

Conference of SAL partners in Pecs, Hungary – dissemination presentations and debates; preparing the ground for fieldwork 2. 21-25/02/2007.


  Conference papers

Neil Foxlee, ‘New religious movements: from Western theories to Eastern European realities’, Society and Lifestyles: Subcultures and Lifestyles in Russia and East-Central Europe, University of Salford, 4-6 December 2008.

EU funding workshop paper: Christopher Williams, ‘The Uclan FP6 funded SAL project’ European funding meeting, Uclan. 01/2008

Workshop paper: Christopher Williams, ‘Carrying out European research projects: The SAL project’ Faculty of AHSS, European research meeting, Uclan. 03/2007

Research paper: Paper presented by Carolyn King and Christopher Williams entitled ‘The SAL project on new religious movements in East-Central Europe’, Words on Wednesday Research seminar, Uclan. 03/2007

Workshop paper: Paper presented by Neil Foxlee entitled ‘Hip-Hop: Afro-American Roots, global / European Branches.’ Fieldwork 1 Evaluation Workshop, Pecs Workshop, 23-24 February, 2007.





Co-edited book - G. McKay, C. Williams, M. Goddard, N. Foxlee and E. Ramanauskaitė (eds.), Subcultures and New Religious Movements in Russia and East-Central Europe (Peter Lang, 2009). BookDetail_11921.pdf?CFID= 48654476&cftoken=11807092  
Co-written chapter in above - Neil Foxlee and Christopher Williams, 'New Religious Movements in Post-communist Russia and East-Central Europe - A Threat to Stability and National Identity?'.   Chapter in above - Christopher Williams, 'The Fight for Religious Freedom and Pluralism in Post-communist Russia'. 


  Websites index.php (a UCLAN SAL website devoted for information (articles, literature overviews, etc.) on New Religious Movements). 2006.




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